The benefits for vehicle washing

There are 38 million vehicles in the UK requiring washing.

Car washing in the UK for all types of washes accounts for £1 billion turnover.

Car washing can pose a number of different threats to the environment. In addition to the harmful chemicals found in car washing soaps and products, water drainage is the primary problem associated with car washes. 

Soapy, chemical-laden water is also mixed with the grime, dirt and grease removed from a vehicle during cleaning. 

Most washes use at least 80 litres of water for a single car. The water runoff inevitably has to go somewhere; usually a nearby drain. This runoff, depending on location, ends up in either water treatment centers or larger bodies of water. The former affects the water we drink and the latter affects animals and crops.

Regardless of who the pollution directly affects, it is definitely not good. On the flip side, not washing your car can also leave an environmental footprint. Any water discharge from a dirty car will leave a polluted trail. It is imperative to keep your vehicle clean, and clean it in an environmentally friendly way.

Protect your equipment

Since our filter uses no chemicals, the wastewater is free from any additives.  The filtration system protects the existing plumbing and pipework.  It deposits no residue in waste pipes, which can clog them leading to regular maintenance requirements and possible down-time in your operations.

Machine maintenance is reduced dramatically as the filtered water is free from elements that can collect and damage working components.  Using a Smart Water Filter increases the life of your vehicle washing equipment.

Protect the environment

Our environment is under threat from the vast amounts of chemicals and waste products we create in the pursuit of cleanliness.  90% of all the chemicals present in our sewage water comes from general cleaning tasks.

The lack of detergent and other chemical use, using less water and consuming less electricity are all huge environmental benefits.  Using DIRO® water filter systems means you are one step closer to reducing your carbon footprint and complying with sustainability goals and COSHH guidelines in your business.

Ready to go Detergent-Free with DIRO®?

We are 100% committed to improving the environment, saving you money and ensuring your staff and clients stay healthy.

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