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With over 50 Fire and Rescue Services operating in the UK, the health, safety and well-being of frontline staff is of the utmost importance.  Fire and Rescue Service personnel have a tough enough job to do without their safety equipment and uniforms letting them down.

After returning from fighting a fire, uniform and other kit will be contaminated with harmful toxins and heavy metals.  To thoroughly eliminate these contaminants is a job in itself.

Our patented DIRO® water filtration systems are ideal for this task and offer many benefits.

DIRO® systems are the right choice for laundry rooms servicing multiple washing machines per system.  The Scandinavian designed water filter is installed in your laundry room and sits alongside your existing equipment.

The filter takes water from the usual supply and processes it thoroughly to deliver ultra clean water to the washing machine.  This filtered water is used to clean uniforms and other fabrics at just 30 degrees or less, without using fabric softeners, detergents or water softening agents protecting rubber and webbing.

Protect your equipment

DIRO® systems need no additional  chemicals.  The wastewater is free from any additives.  The ultra-clean water which is used in the process can help to protect the existing plumbing and pipework.  No detergents or hardness residue is deposited in waste pipes which can block them and can lead to the pipes becoming unusable until they are repaired.

Routine maintenance which is normally required on hard-working washing facilities is dramatically reduced.  The filtered water is free from naturally occurring elements such as lime in hard water areas that can collect and damage working components.  Installing a Smart Water Filter extends the working life of the washing machine.

Protect your staff

Wearing fabrics which have been washed in the traditional way using detergents can cause or aggravate conditions such as contact dermatitis and eczema.  In a facility where one washing machine may be used for cleaning the uniforms of several different people, a single brand of detergent may not be suitable for everyone.

Eliminating the need for any form of chemicals in the washing machine means that you will ensure the comfort and safety of all your staff.

A hard-working washing machine naturally creates damp conditions in which harmful black mould, Mycotoxin, can grow.  Once it begins to thrive, the mould becomes airborne.  If taken in to the lungs, this toxin can cause many health problems.  It is also known to be a carcinogen.

Present in traditional washing powders is a chemical called Zeolite.  Once the laundry is clean and dry, a fine residue of Zeolite is left on the washed fabrics.  This fine residue can be harmful to human health if breathed in.

Installing a Smart Water Filter, such as our DIRO® systems, eliminates the development of mould as it has no sustenance to allow it to grow.  As no detergents are required, no Zeolites are present in the clean washing.

Without the need to purchase detergents and softeners, the laundry room becomes a clutter-free space.  Storage areas previously used for bulky cartons or bottles can be used for other equipment and the risk of slips, trips or falls due to spilled products or incorrectly stored items is eradicated.

The environment in the laundry room is far healthier without strong chemicals or mould spores.

The health and well-being of the person wearing the uniform is also protected.  Our DIRO® system relies on the ultra-clean water which is used and therefore there is no detergent residue present on the cleaned fabrics.  Incidents of contact dermatitis or eczema reduce and may disappear completely. Processed laundry is extremely clean and carries a neutral smell.

Protect the bottom line

The water filter totally eliminates the need to buy detergents or fabric softeners as the washed laundry is clean, soft and fragrance-free when it is dried.

Our DIRO® water filter systems can dramatically reduce your electricity usage.  Drying times are far shorter since fabrics retain less water after the spin cycle.  Using the traditional washing method, detergents contribute to the fabric holding on to more water.  Using ultra-clean filtered water means the spin-cycle is far more effective.  Installing our Smart Water Filter could mean that your system cost per wash is reduced and offers up to a 40% saving on drying electricity.

Plumbing systems, waste-pipes and machinery is put under less pressure which extends the life of your equipment.  Required maintenance of all systems, both mechanical and plumbing, is reduced.

Protect the environment

Removing dirt from clothing and our environment puts a huge strain on the natural world.  Around 90% of all the chemicals present in sewage water come from general cleaning tasks.  

Creating a laundry system where all fabrics can be washed at just 30 degrees or less  means that electricity usage and pressure on water requirements is reduced.  Drying times are shortened which extends the life of the fabrics.  No harmful chemicals are passed into the sewage systems.  Retained residue does not affect the performance of important safety equipment.

Installing a DIRO® system means you are one step closer to reducing your carbon footprint, looking after your staff and complying with sustainability goals and COSHH guidelines in your workplace.

Ready to go Detergent-Free with DIRO®?

We are 100% committed to improving the environment, saving you money and ensuring your staff and clients stay healthy.

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