The benefits for the hospitality industry

(Hotels, restaurants, caterers and commercial laundries)

Running a commercial laundry in a hotel, for caterers or restaurants, or even supplying a commercial laundrette for the domestic market means that you are likely to be dealing with a huge amount of laundry, which requires a fast turn around time.

Costs associated with running a big business of this kind can be equally large.  You can dramatically improve turnaround time and keep costs under control by installing a patented DIRO® water filter system in your laundry room.

DIRO® systems are the smartest solution available, suitable for laundry rooms that have multiple washing machines.  Our sleek, Scandinavian designed water filter systems are installed by authorised and highly trained staff with the minimum disruption to your normal routine.  The unit is simple to operate and sits alongside your existing washing machines or in a currently unused space.

Once it is connected to your existing plumbing, water is taken into the unit and processed via the filter system in order to deliver ultra-clean water to the washing machine.  This filtered water is used to wash fabrics without the need to add fabric softeners, detergents or water softening agents.  Full training is given to your staff to ensure safe and proper use of the unit.

Protect your equipment

DIRO® systems requires no additional chemicals to be purchased or added to the water.  The wastewater created is free from any additives and the treated water protects the existing plumbing and pipework by depositing no residue in the pipes during operation.  This means that plumbing systems never become clogged with excess detergent residue.  This in turn means they are less likely to need maintenance leading to unnecessary down-time in your laundry operations.

When it comes to your actual washing machines, DIRO® systems can prevent the need for regular maintenance here too.  The filtered water is free from elements that can collect and damage working components.  Using a Smart Water Filter will increase the life of your washing machines.

Protect your staff and clients

The use of strong commercial detergents and softeners can be an issue for some people.  Many suffer from allergies which are caused or aggravated by the use of such products.

As washing machines have become more efficient, the small amount of water used means that stronger detergents are required to reach the same high standards of cleanliness.  Many detergents contain chemicals to conceal stains and give fabrics the appearance of extreme whiteness.

Most laundry rooms offer the perfect conditions for the black mould Mycotoxin, to grow.  It is commonly found in the detergent tray and its spores are known to be harmful to health, even potentially carcinogenic.

Residue from powder laundry detergents containing Zeolite can remain on fabric, even after it has been dried.  This fine powder contains particles which are small enough to be inhaled deep into the lungs.  These Zeolites are considered to be harmful in large quantities.

Installing a Smart Water Filter DIRO® system can help combat all these issues.

The water used to wash the fabrics is ultra-clean.  It contains no harmful chemicals or strong detergents or softeners.  Therefore there is nothing present in the fabric to cause contact dermatitis, to aggravate eczema, asthma or allergies.

Since no detergent is required in the washing process, Mycotoxin does not find the conditions in which it can grow.

Zeolites on washed fabrics are eliminated as no chemicals are used.

This means that your laundry room quickly becomes a safer place to work.  In addition, since there is no requirement to purchase softeners, detergents and other chemicals, the laundry room is less cluttered.  The risk of accidental spillage of harsh chemicals is no longer an issue and a clean and healthy working environment means less staff sickness.

The health and well-being of the end-user is also protected.  All fabrics can be washed at 30 degrees or less and they emerge from the washing machine, clean, allergen free and unscented.

Protect the bottom line

There is no longer a need to purchase numerous different chemicals, detergents and softeners according to the different types of washing you deal with. 

As fabrics can be  washed at 30 degrees or less, heating times are cut saving electricity.  As the DIRO® water filters ensures fabric is less saturated with water after the spin cycle due to the detergent free requirement, drying times are cut alongside electricity usage. This means you are able to take on more work without having to invest in more machines and larger premises.

Installing a smart water filter can mean your cost-per-wash is reduced.  Coupled with this, maintenance and replacement  of your equipment and plumbing systems is drastically reduced.

Protect the environment

Looking after the natural world is becoming more important than ever.  Pouring harsh chemicals and strong detergents into our sewage system means our treatment plants have to work harder.  General cleaning tasks account for almost 90% of the chemicals which are present in our waste water.

Installing a DIRO® system will give your company the ability to protect the environment and at the same time, reduce your carbon footprint.  The innovative technology contained within the unit allows effective cleaning of fabrics at just 30 degrees or less.  Using less electricity is assured.

Ensuring that your laundry operation is chemical free means instant benefits for our fragile planet.  Using a DIRO® system means you are able to reduce your electricity use, shows a strong commitment to sustainability and allows your business to adhere to COSHH guidelines.

Ready to go Detergent-Free with DIRO®?

We are 100% committed to improving the environment, saving you money and ensuring your staff and clients stay healthy.

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