The benefits for residential care homes

With the number of people over 65 expected to rise to over 40 per cent of the population in the UK over the next 17 years, to over 16 million, the number of care homes will also need to rise too in order to provide safe and comfortable living facilities for our ageing population.

With this increase comes rising costs for keeping standards of impeccably clean, scent and detergent free laundry as high as possible.  Older people are likely to suffer more from skin conditions and one way to ensure that the comfort of residents is maximised is by installing a patented DIRO® water filter system in your laundry room.

DIRO® systems are suitable for laundry rooms that have single or multiple washing machines.  Our sleek, Scandinavian designed, water filter system is installed seamlessly in your laundry room alongside your existing units and is connected to the water supply.

The water enters the filter system and passes through it in order to deliver ultra-clean water to the washing machine.  This filtered water is used to process the laundry without the need for fabric softeners, detergents or water softening agents.

Protect your equipment

Since our filter uses no chemicals, the wastewater is free from any additives.  The filtration system protects the existing plumbing and pipework.  It deposits no residue in waste pipes, which can clog them leading to regular maintenance requirements and possible down-time in your laundry operations.

Machine maintenance is reduced dramatically as the filtered water is free from elements that can collect and damage working components.  Using a Smart Water Filter increases the life of your washing machines.

Protect your staff and residents

Contact allergies are on the rise.  This is partly due to the increased efficiency of washing machines.  They are designed to use less water.  This however means that stronger detergents are required to reach the same standards of cleanliness.  Many detergents contain chemicals to disguise stains or dirt and give the illusion of whiteness to fabrics.

Harmful black mould, Mycotoxin, can grow in the detergent compartment of the washing machine.  This mould becomes airborne and is known to be carcinogenic.

Powder laundry detergents use a chemical called Zeolite.  The residue from Zeolite is left on the washed fabrics as a fine powder, even once fabrics are dry.  The minute particles are small enough to pass through the airways into the lungs.  This is known to be harmful to human health.

Installing a Smart Water Filter DIRO® system to your washing machine can eliminate the development of this mould and since no detergents are required, no Zeolites are present in the clean washing.

As a result, the conditions in which your staff work are improved, there is less clutter in their work space which can be the cause of trips or falls if incorrectly stored.  Time off due to staff sickness is reduced as the environment in which they work is cleaner and healthier.

The health and well-being of your residents is also protected.  DIRO® systems rely on the quality of the ultra-clean water rather than unhealthy chemicals to give true cleanliness to fabrics.  No detergent or additive use means there is no residue left on the washed laundry which could cause contact dermatitis or aggravate other skin conditions such as eczema.  Laundry is extremely clean and carries a neutral smell.

Protect the bottom line

There is no longer any need to purchase detergents or fabric softeners as the washed laundry is both clean, soft and fragrance-free when it is dried.

Electricity usage is reduced dramatically.  Using a DIRO® water filter system means that drying times are shorter as the fabric is less saturated with water held in place by detergent use.  Installing our Smart Water Filter systems can mean your cost-per-wash is reduced with an additional saving of up to 40% off your drying machines electricity costs.

Maintenance of your equipment and plumbing systems is drastically reduced.

Protect the environment

Our environment is under threat from the vast amounts of chemicals and waste products we create in the pursuit of cleanliness.  90% of all the chemicals present in our sewage water comes from general cleaning tasks.

Our innovative water filter means that all laundry can be washed at 30 degrees or less and drying times are shortened.  This is far kinder to the environment as less electricity is used.

The lack of detergent and other chemical use, using less water and consuming less electricity are all huge environmental benefits.  Using DIRO® water filter systems means you are one step closer to reducing your carbon footprint and complying with sustainability goals and COSHH guidelines in your business.

Ready to go Detergent-Free with DIRO®?

We are 100% committed to improving the environment, saving you money and ensuring your staff and clients stay healthy.

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