How DIRO® Works

DIRO® is tested according to the requirements of the EU-Eco Label tests for laundry detergents.

The patented method of operation is divided into three main sections:

1. DIRO® is installed between your existing water feed and your washing machine and works with both new and old machinery. The sleek, Scandinavian designed unit processes the water through several filters so that it emerges ultra-clean and deionized. This filtered water is then pumped into your washing machine in the normal way.  Detergent Free. 

2. When the water comes in contact with the fabrics in the washing machine it breaks the ionic bond between the fibres of the fabric and dirt. These unwanted particles are then carried away with the rinse water leaving the fabric clean and chemical free. Since the filtered water is ultra-pure and contains no lime-scale or other minerals, the fabrics are left soft without the need for fabric softener. Fabrics are fragrance free and carry a pleasant, natural odour. 

3. Since the filtered water is free from salt and minerals, the spin-cycle becomes more effective. Less water molecules bind to the fabric which results in a shorter drying time. This saves energy consumption from your tumble dryers by up to 40% and also saves on wear and tear on the tumble dryers themselves. 

Installing a DIRO® System is the smart choice to save money and help the environment.

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