SWF® DIRO® Detergent-Free

Get ultra clean and amazingly fresh laundry without the use of chemicals!

The DIRO® system offers you ultra clean for all your laundry requirements. The DIRO® water filtration system can now be installed in your laundry room which allows washing without the need of any detergents or fabric softener’s resulting in fresh, clean and allergen free laundry.

Our DIRO® filtration system will enhance your laundry room with its sleek Scandinavian design. It is simple and straight forward to install as the system is plugged and placed between the incoming water supply and the washing machine. The water flows into the DIRO® system which is then converted into our ultra clean water that feeds into your washing machine without having to use any detergents, additives or softeners. The fabrics are left extremely clean, very soft and comfortable with a fresh neutral scent. DIRO® water is temperature independent so can be used with any washing machine regardless of which degree wash is used (cold / 30°C / 40°C / 60°C or 90°C).

The system is designed for washing any amounts of laundry and offers your business a new environmentally friendly way of processing allergen free laundry and at the same time offering you a cost effective way of reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

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SWF® DIRO® systems can be fully customised to meet the customer’s specific water filtration requirements.

The following is a standard SWF® DIRO® specification


24 month warranty

Fully warranted while under maintenance contract





Water tank



Water meters

Simple reading of water quality and production.

Possibility of customizations

We build the system according to your wishes

Can be installed in a secondary space

Flexible mounting for various areas

Product name DIRO®
Cabinet H180xW80xD55 cm
Water Tank H158xW78xD60 cm
Energy consumption kWh / 100l 0,25 kWh
Electrical connection 220 V, 60 Hz, single phase
Fuse, Amps 10A
Water Connection 3/4 “
Drain connection 3/4 “
Maximum water pressure (bar) 5.86 bar / 85psi
Minimum water pressure (bar) 3.1 bar / 45psi
Maximum water TDS ≤ 2000 ppm
Sound Level dBA ≤ 55 dBA
Net weight, kg 174 kg


Softening Filter (Prefilter)

Descaling Filter (Prefilter)


Full funding* & comprehensive service

* Subject to Terms & Conditions


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