DIRO® by SWATAB featured in Business Insider

Another great feature in Business Insider for DIRO® by SWATAB "Our filter makes tap water super clean, and by de-ionizing it, we can do away with the last remains of salts and contaminants. This super clean water is not in a balanced chemical state, and to become so...

DIRO® receives WWF “Climate Solver 2017” award

DIRO® has received the WWF "Climate Solver 2017" award. From the WWF website: Laundry. For a process that’s about cleaning, its impact on the environment is downright dirty. Consider this: The average family of five does 500 loads of laundry each year. Globally, that...

DIRO® receives Malmo Cleantech City award 2016

Congratulation SWATAB, winner of Malmö Cleantech City Award 2016! A true innovation uses known technology in brand new applications. The winner of this years Malmö Cleantech City Award is indeed such an innovation. The solution has multiple environmental, economic and...

First Blog Post 18 May 2016

First Blog Post from the early days of SWF® | 18 May 2016 |

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