Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and we have given the answers to some of the most commonly asked below.

You are welcome to contact us if you’d like to speak to a real person or you have a query we haven’t answered here.

How can I get in touch with you if I need help?
The answer to most questions can be found in our literature or on our website.  However, we welcome the opportunity to speak to you personally.

You can contact us by email: or by telephone: +44 (0)1234 889743 or you can send us a message by completing our contact form here.

How do your DIRO® water filters work?
Our innovative, Scandinavian designed water filters are simple to install and operate.  They are connected to your existing water supply and sit alongside your current laundry equipment.  The water is taken into the unit and filtered to become ultra-clean before being used by your washing machines in the normal way, but without detergents or softeners.
What can the DIRO® water filters be used for?
The most common use for the DIRO® water filters is for use in a laundry room for washing fabrics.

We have several models in the range which are appropriate for different situations including washing hard surfaces and non-standard or highly technical fabrics.  If you want to check which DIRO® system is right for you, please contact us.

Are your water filtration systems compatible with all washing machines?
Yes.  Our water filters work with both new and old machines.  There is no need to replace your current equipment at all.
I’m worried that not using detergent means that washed fabrics won’t be clean.

We understand that washing without detergents means a change of mindset.  However, allowing chemicals to continue to pollute our environment represents a hugely negative impact on our current health and for future generations. The ultra-clean water offered by our DIRO® water filters guarantees that your laundry will be at least as clean and soft as when using detergents.

By using our DIRO® filter system, you will reduce your businesses carbon footprint, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, find it easier to adhere to COSHH guidelines and reduce the risk of your staff and end users of developing contact allergies. Alongside this, you can also save money and reduce your overheads. Ask us how.

How long can I expect my DIRO® Water Filter System to last?
As long as the unit is maintained regularly, the filters are changed according to our guidelines and the unit is correctly operated, the equipment should continue to function effectively for around 15 years.
How big is a DIRO® unit?
We have several products within the range, each is designed to be sleek and compact and will sit easily within an unused space in the laundry room.

The exact measurements for each can be found by visiting our product range page but as a guide, the smallest unit fits a standard base cabinet and is just 60cm wide.

Won’t the waste water created still be dirty? How is this better for the environment?
Once the normal washing process is completed, the waste water will carry only the dirt particles from the cleaned fabrics.  Since no chemicals are used, this reduces the pressure on your existing pipework, on the machines themselves and on our water treatment plants as a whole which will not have to deal with detergent residue.

This will remove detergent residue from water which is dispersed into natural rivers and waterways which builds up over time and represents a serious hazard to the environment.

Are the replaceable filters environment-friendly?
Yes.  The filters which are used are designed to be recycled as combustible waste.

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