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Chemical free, hypoallergenic and kind to the environment and health

In our daily lives we are exposed to chemicals and additives every day. In the decor and furnishings in our homes and workplaces, in the food we eat and on the fabrics we wear. On average, we are exposed to around 30,000 different chemicals per year. This exposure to unnatural elements is having a detrimental effect on our health as long term exposure to these chemicals can mean eventually we develop allergies.

Many detergents contain chemicals to hide stains or give the illusion of whiteness to fabrics. These chemicals are never completely rinsed away during a normal washing process. Usually a fine residue of around 25% of the detergent used remains even after the fabrics are dry.

This fine residue dust can be harmful if breathed in and can cause health problems for everyone, but especially the elderly or very young. Asthma, eczema and contact allergies can be triggered by the use of detergents.

Fabric softeners are designed to give fabrics an unnatural fragrance. This strong smell can cause problems for some people who have a sensitivity to chemically created perfumes.

Our DIRO® System is completely chemical and fragrance free and therefore completely safe to use for people with allergies. In addition, it can even help in preventing the onset of new allergies.

When washing with the DIRO® System, the laundered fabrics smell naturally clean with no strong fragrance.

The dried fabrics are soft to the touch and appear bright and clear of any residue. Stains are easily removed without resorting to harsh bleaching or masking agents.

When using the DIRO® System, your laundry is left hygienically clean, fragrance free, beautifully soft and completely without harmful chemical residue.

If being ecologically friendly is important to your company, our DIRO® System is the right choice. Please get in touch so we can tell you how you can easily install a DIRO System in your laundry room.

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