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Reduce chemical usage and improve the health of your business

More and more companies are making changes to ensure they are sustainable. Part of this process means becoming more environmentally aware. A side benefit of this is that costs reduce along the way.

Installing a DIRO® System in your laundry room is an excellent way to make sure your company is playing its part in working towards a better environment.

The chemicals and detergent residue which is pouring into the sewers is incredibly damaging to the environment. Even when it has been processed, heavy chemicals remain in the water and make their way into our natural waterways. This has an adverse effect on wildlife and plants. The UK alone uses 548,000 tonnes of detergent.

Over 90% of the chemicals found in waste water comes from normal cleaning processes such as washing dishes or laundering fabrics. By using the DIRO® System to clean fabrics, our sewerage treatment plants can work harder at dealing with chemicals from other sources instead. The result will be cleaner drinking water and healthier rivers, lakes and seas.

Our impact on the environment doesn’t end there. The mountains of plastic and cardboard packaging created for the packaging of our laundry detergents and softeners has to be disposed of somehow.

By installing a DIRO® System in your laundry room, you will eliminate the need for detergents and chemicals completely.

Immediately, your costs are reduced as there is no need to purchase detergents. Your laundry room becomes a cleaner and safer place to work. Your staff are no longer at risk from exposure to chemicals. The likelihood of trips and falls due to spillages or incorrectly stored bottles and boxes is eliminated. Instances of contact dermatitis are reduced too.

Installing a DIRO® System in your business is the kindest thing to do for the environment and the smartest choice for the health of your business. Call us today to find out how simple installation can be.

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