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Reduce energy consumption while increasing efficiency

Installing a DIRO® System in your laundry room is the smart choice if you are looking to reduce energy consumption. Energy savings of up to 40% are possible when you switch to our tried and tested system.

The wetter the fabric, the longer it takes to dry. It stands to reason that if the laundered fabric holds less water, the drying time is cut. Due to the lack of detergents used during the washing process, fabrics retain less water which means they can be dried more quickly.

The ultra clean water used within the DIRO® System ensures that no dirt residue remains which can also extend drying time.

In addition, fabrics can be washed in cold water meaning less energy is used when you don’t need to heat the water.

Our clever DIRO® System is easy to install and simple to use. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us today for more information.

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