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Cut costs while protecting the environment

Running an efficient laundry can be costly. By installing a DIRO® system, you will see many benefits for your business and the environment:

  • Reduced service costs
  • Increased service life of machines
  • shorter drying time
  • Lower wash temperature
  • Lower cost per wash
  • Requires no upgrading of existing equipment
  • Energy-saving
  • Increased operational efficiency

When laundry no longer needs detergents to ensure fabrics are clean, the costs of operating your laundry room fall dramatically. By installing a DIRO® System, you will see cost savings in almost every area of your laundry operation.

Since the DIRO® system does not rely on minerals or chemicals to deliver clean washing, no detergent residue remains which binds water molecules to the fabric.

This results in a shorter drying time which means, according to our research, up to 40% energy savings alone. Fabrics can be washed at just 30 degrees which again reduces the cost of a load of laundry substantially.

The lack of detergent required means that laundry machines function more efficiently and for longer. They no longer suffer from any build-up of sludge or grime which can make heating water more costly or can put your machinery out of action.

Best of all, our DIRO® System can be connected to your existing laundry machinery. The sleek and compact unit can be installed seamlessly in your laundry room with no additional remodelling required.

Alongside the obvious cost savings, the benefits to the environment are clear. Lower energy consumption and a complete end to releasing harmful chemicals into the natural world mean your business is several steps closer to being environmentally friendly.

Are you ready to discuss how our DIRO® system can help save costs in your business? Please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.

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