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Who we are

Smart Water Filters is an innovative, forward thinking company who have an unshakable commitment to improving the environment by changing the way in which laundry processes are carried out.

Our entire workforce is dedicated to this aim.  We understand that changing established processes requires a different way of thinking, not to mention a substantial amount of research.  We are ideally placed to assist with this.  We speak in plain English without jargon to make things easy to understand.  We are always 100% honest about the claims we make of our products and can back these up by solid research carried out in Scandinavia.

We hold a licence with an award winning Scandinavian water technology company, SWATAB, which allows us to introduce their products to the UK.

Our beautifully designed water filters take water from the existing supply and process it to become ultra-clean.  This means that washing without detergents is a new and exciting possibility.

We are committed to bringing this exciting new technology into UK based businesses and homes and to improving the environment for future generations.


Dramatically cut washing and drying costs


Protect the health of your employees and end users


Reduce your carbon footprint and processing times


Eliminate the need for expensive and harmful detergents and softeners


Increase the lifetime of your washing machines and dryers

Ready to go Detergent-Free with DIRO®?

We are 100% committed to improving the environment, saving you money and ensuring your staff and clients stay healthy.

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