SWATAB has had tests conducted by an independent test institute (RISE IVF) and can now report approved washing results without detergents, not only for stains but also for bacteria reduction when washed at 60 degrees for at least 20 minutes, according to current requirements (ISO 14698-1). The tests were carried out according to the ISO 6330:2000 standard.

SWATAB has a patented filter system that converts ordinary tap water into DIRO® water. This water replaces detergents and fabric softeners. Coupled to the washing machine, the fabrics become clean, fresh, soft and comfortable without any of the chemicals usually used when cleaning.

For more information on how DIRO® can save you money and make your business more environmentally-friendly, please contact us. You can see how much your business can save with DIRO® using our Commercial Savings Estimator.


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